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Terms and Conditions

Amended March 2020

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before placing your order. When you place an order you will be confirming your agreement to be bound by our terms and conditions of sale. If you don't agree, please do not proceed with your order.

Price and Availability

All products advertised for sale on our website and in any another publication are subject to availability. If we fail to supply any products for any reason, we will not charge you for such products. However, we will not be responsible for compensating you for any other losses, which you may suffer if we fail to supply products. All prices stated on the site or in any of our catalogues, price lists or other sales literature may be altered by us from time to time without notice to you.


Orders are fulfilled on condition that (a) title to the goods remains with Citrus Office Group until payment in full for them and all other goods supplied by Citrus Office Group has been received (b) the purchaser agrees to store the goods safely and mark them in such a way that they are readily identifiable as the property of Citrus Office Group the purchaser agrees to keep the goods supplied separately and hold them as bailee and agent for Citrus Office Group until payment in full for them has been received (d) should the goods be sold or used in the normal course of business the purchaser agrees that until full payment for them has been made a sum of money equivalent to the Invoiced value of the goods sold or used will be kept separate and identifiable (e) if the price of goods remains unpaid after the due date the seller shall have the right to enter upon any premises where the goods may be found for the purpose of recovering possession of the goods and the cost to the seller of recovering the goods will be payable by the purchaser on demand. All goods must be paid for in full upon completion of the financial transaction using either cash, cheque with relevant days allowing for clearance or credit or debit card, and Citrus Office Group has the right to demand recovery of goods if any of the above prove to be not upheld over the period of clearing the payment by the relevant financial institution. If a business credit account has been applied for and granted payment terms may be agreed outside the above conditions. However, our normal business payment terms will apply which are Nett Monthly. i.e. if goods are ordered, supplied and invoiced in month 1 payment in full must be received by no later than the end of month 2. If payment is not received within 7 days of the end of month 2 the business credit account will be suspended and no further goods will be supplied until cleared funds have been received in full to clear the debt. Citrus Office Group reserve the right to employ a third party debt collection service to recover any debt incurred and will charge all costs and interest due to the debtor.

Minimum Order & Delivery Terms & Charges

Citrus Office Group will deliver the products within the United Kingdom to the address notified to us by you at the time you place your order. Our standard charges for delivery will apply (see below). We will endeavour to ensure that the products are delivered to the address specified by you by any delivery date estimated by us. However, we cannot guarantee that products will be delivered by the estimated delivery date. You agree that we shall not be liable to you for any losses, damages or charges incurred by you because of late delivery of the products. Upon signature for the receipt of the products at the United Kingdom address specified in your delivery instructions, the risk of damage to the goods shall pass to you.


A Small Order Charge of £2.95 + VAT will be applied to all orders with a value of less than £30.00 (thirty pounds sterling) + VAT and which are delivered by our own vehicles within a radius of 5 miles from Citrus Office Group Trading Address. If goods are to be sent by a third party (i.e. carriers or postal services), an additional Carriage Charge will apply to reflect the actual costs incurred – the actual charge will depend on the weight and size of the products being despatched but the average cost would normally be in the region of £8.00 + VAT. Most orders placed with a value in excess of £30.00 + VAT and delivered within our own van route area will be delivered Free of Charge.

We reserve the right impliment charges for design and product information work we carry out on our customers behalf where we incur cost.